A Non-Denominational Church of Christ


Here at the Kingston Church of Christ, we strive to submit to God’s ways and work along with other Churches of Christ to spread the good news about Jesus Christ’s grace. Jesus Christ gave His life on the Cross of Calvary to open the way for eternal life for all of us.


You’ll find a warm, welcoming family here that wants to walk alongside you in your spiritual journey. We’d love to have you visit and worship with us this Sunday!


Let’s grow together in God’s amazing grace.

Join us in this journey to reach the world.

Sunday Bible Class
9am Every Sunday

Sunday Morning Service
10am Every Sunday


Tom Cram, Minister


Tom Cram is a native of Kingston, Massachusetts. He enjoyed growing up in Kingston where he learn the value of loyalty, respect and hard work.


At a young age, he enlisted in the United States Navy and went on to serve for many years. After leaving Tom began a new career working for the Duxbury School System. Tom served the Duxbury School System for many years. He now serves as a full-time minister for the Kingston Church of Christ. 


He and his wife Sue, have been married for 28 years and have an a wonderful son Tommy Jr.

Tom has devoted his life to his country, family and Jesus’ church.


Tom Cram
Tom Cram, Minister

Mark Marshall, Minister


Mark Marshall is a Taunton, Massachusetts native. He was born, married and owned a business in Taunton. As longtime Taunton residents, Mark’s family thrived as part of the Southeastern Massachusetts community. For most of his career Mark served as a Financial Consultant.


Mark retired and transitioned to ministry in the Church of Christ. His three children are all grown and are examples of how to thrive in the community.


Mark converted to Jesus Christ about 30 years ago. He was baptized into Christ and became a Christian. Over the years of learning the Scripture and feeling the warmth of God’s love, developed a desire to preach and teach to others.

About Us
Mark Marshall, Minister



At the church of Christ in Kingston, we are blessed to have a wonderful work in which we can follow the example set by the first century church. Anyone who is searching for the Truth is encouraged to get in touch with us and we will help you on your journey.Kingston Church of Christ Members

Do not hesitate to visit or ask any questions. We are servants of Jesus Christ. We’re here to help.


 All are welcome!

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